Sky Gymnastics Fees, Registration Information & Policies

We offer two class sessions throughout the year. You can start at any time during these sessions.
Academic Session - September - June
Summer Session - July - August


When signing up for classes, the membership fee and first month’s tuition are due.  Enrollment in our program for the Academic Session is monthly and the students are automatically re-enrolled in the in the same class from month to month, unless the office is notified ahead of time (see withdrawal policy).  This means that ALL students are automatically enrolled for ALL future months of the Academic Session unless the office receives written notice (see withdrawal policy).   Automatic Enrollment stops at the end of the Academic Session.  You must register for the Summer Session.  We reserve the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment. 


You can register online, in person, by phone or by mail.  You can start anytime!! Once your child is registered they will be automatically re-enrolled for the same class on the same day/time every month of our Academic Session.  To register a valid credit/debit card is required.

Registration requires the following:

1) Completed registration form with 3 signatures – Acknowledgement of Waiver and Release; Acknowledgement of Policies and Procedures; Credit/Debit Card Information & Authorization
2) Annual Registration Fee ($35.00) and Tuition for the first month paid in full. 

Annual Registration Fee
$35 per family for the school year
This fee helps cover the administrative costs incurred in running the programs we offer. This is a family fee and covers everyone in your immediate family.

Tuition is due on the 20th of each month for the following month (e.g., on November 20th, December’s tuition will be drawn) A valid credit or debit card is required for registration.  Please see Payment Procedures below.
You may withdraw and re-enroll at any time throughout the year (see withdrawal policy). Your child may make-up a missed class (see Make-up Policy).  However, missed classes can not be transferred to future months in place of tuition.  There are no tuition adjustments for missed classes.
Tuition is based on a full Academic Session broken up into ten equal monthly payments.  Months may have 3, 4, or 5 classes.  Tuition is not prorated or increased depending on the number of classes in a month.  Holiday and gym closings are already factored into your monthly tuition for the Academic Session. Tuition will not be prorated regardless of number of classes per month due to holidays, inclement weather or gym closings.

Payment Procedures
Automatic Payment System - Our program runs on an automatic payment system.  Tuition is paid every month on a continuous basis for the Academic Session.    On the 20th of each month, tuition for the following month will be charged to the credit/debit card number we have on file for you in our secured system. (e.g., on November 20th, December’s tuition will be drawn)  If the 20th falls on a Sunday your card will be charged Monday the 21st.   **No automatic re-enrollment for Summer Session**
Alternate Payment Methods - If some months you’d rather we didn’t use your card on file, simply pay before the 20th of the month for the following month’s tuition with a check, cash or an alternate credit card.
Returned Check Fees - There is a $30 charge when a check is returned to us.  We will NOT redeposit your check.  The only remedy for this oversight is CASH or CHARGE, and must be paid by your child’s next class meeting.

Declined Credit Card Policy – If your credit card payment is declined, we will charge a $10 administrative fee.  As a courtesy, we will waive that fee the first month of the academic session that this occurs.  However, for each subsequent declined payment, we will charge the $10 administrative fee in addition to your child’s monthly tuition.

Withdrawal Policy

  • YOU MUST DELIVER A WRITTEN WITHDRAWAL NOTICE TO THE OFFICE BY THE 19TH OF THE CURRENT MONTH TO WITHDRAW FOR THE FOLLOWING MONTH. (e.g., to withdraw for the month of January a written notice MUST be received on or before December 19th)
  • This policy enables a more efficient billing process and manageability of accurate class enrollment.  If a written withdrawal notice has not been received by the 19th of the month, your card will be charged on the 20th for the following month’s tuition.  For your convenience, withdrawal forms are available at the front desk.  NO EXCEPTIONS will be given to this policy!  This Policy is STRICTLY ENFORCED!
  • If a written withdrawal is not received by the 19th of the month, your child will automatically be enrolled in his/her class for the upcoming month and you will be responsible for tuition.
  • ONLY WRITTEN NOTIFICATION OF WITHDRAWAL WILL BE VALID.  ORAL WITHDRAWALS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.  It is not sufficient to orally inform your child’s coach, the front desk or leave a message on the answering machine.
  • Acceptable forms of written notification are filling out a withdrawal form/written note left in the withdrawal box at the front desk, email or snail mail.
  • ALL make-ups must be done prior to withdrawing. NO MAKE-UPS will be honored after your child has withdrawn from the program.  All make-ups are forfeited after withdrawing from the program.

Make-up Policy
Just like college, your tuition pays for a class spot, REGARDLESS OF ATTENDANCE. However, as a courtesy, our program offers make-ups when doing so does not jeopardize the safety or integrity of the class.

  • We offer unlimited make-ups to currently enrolled students within certain restrictions. (This does not include Team Gymnasts)  Please read the restrictions and scheduling procedure below.
  •  Make-ups must be done in the session that the class was missed - either the academic session or summer session
  • Make-up classes MUST be scheduled within 30 days of your child’s absence.  After 30 days, a make-up class will no longer be available.
  • Only 2 make-ups may be scheduled at a time
  • Team Gymnasts will be permitted to have 10 make-ups for an absence during the Academic Session. There will be no other make-ups permitted during the Academic Session
  • Team Gymnasts will be permitted to have unlimited make-ups for "excused absences." (Excused absences are defined as an absence for illness with a doctor's note). The make-up can only be scheduled once the doctor's note has been handed into the office.
  • Team Gymnasts may only do make-ups in their current level or the level below
    - Silver & Up may do their make-ups in Silver & Up or Bronze Practices
    - Bronze may do their make-ups in Bronze or Copper 2 Practices
    - Copper 2s may do their make-ups in Copper 2 or Copper 1 Practices
    - Copper 1s may do their make-ups in Copper 1 Practices or Girls Elite Stars.
  • We will make every effort to provide a make-up in a class at your child’s level.  There are some classes that are so advanced or specialized that we only offer one class a week.  In order to make-up one of those classes you will need to take the make-up in a closely related class.
  • Make-ups are offered for inclement weather closings.  All holiday closings are factored into the monthly tuition and make-ups for these breaks can not be scheduled.
  • Make-ups must be taken while a child is enrolled. Once a child withdraws from the program, all make-ups are forfeited.
  • To schedule a make-up for your child, your account must be in good standing.
  • If your child is enrolled in multiple classes and your child withdraws from one of the classes (but still stays enrolled in the other), the make-up classes for the withdrawn class will be forfeited.
  • Make-ups are not drop-in situations and MUST be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Once a make-up is scheduled, it is up to you to get your child to that class; if you miss that make-up class, it still counts as a make-up.
  • If you cancel a makeup with less than 24 hours notice you forfeit that make-up.

    Make-ups are a privilege. We reserve the right to refuse a make-up if it will affect safety or lessen the experience of those children who are registered for that class
Tuition pays for your child's spot in class regardless of attendance. Refunds are only given within three days of your child's first class. Refunds or Credits will not be given at any other time.
There will be no refunds given for gym closings including holidays, scheduled gym closings and inclement weather. 
Once we have re-enrolled your child in class there are no refunds. If you would like to withdraw your child from the program and not have your credit card on file charged, simply notify us in writing by the 19th of the current month for the following month.  WRITTEN NOTICE to withdraw must be received by the 19th of the month or your credit card will be charged for the following month’s tuition.

Snow, Weather and Emergency Closing Policy
If your Local School District is closed Sky Gymnastics will not be open for Morning classes or Unstructured Playtime.  We will make a decision if we are holding afternoon classes by 1:00pm. If the weather improves and there are no safety concerns, we MAY hold afternoon/evening classes.  Cancellations due to the weather will be on the gym answering machine at least 1 hour before classes start (this also includes inclement weather closings on a Saturday). Cancellation notification will also be sent to your email on file and posted to our face book page. Make-Ups can be arranged for missed classes due to weather as long as the child is currently enrolled.
Sky Gymnastics follows – Horseheads Central School District

Multiple Child Discount
We are happy to provide a tuition discount of $5.00 off each monthly tuition for the additional children in your family.

Multiple Classes
We feel it is most beneficial for students to enroll in more than 1 class per week.  Doing so not only gives the child more time to practice skills, but also gives them the opportunity to obtain greater strength and flexibility, which are vital in skill development. We provide a generous discount for multiple class registration.

Current Students

Current students are automatically re-enrolled for the same class every month of the Academic Session. When a student advances to a higher level it may be necessary to change the day and time. When this occurs please contact the front desk to make those changes.  Registration for a different class is on a first-come-first-serve basis

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child join in the middle of the month?
No problem as long as there is room in the class. We will prorate your tuition for the amount of weeks left in the month.
Once I register can my child change their class day/time?
No problem as long as there is room in the class.  Please contact the front desk to make those changes.  Registration for a different class is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
What should my child wear to class?
Girls - Leotard or Leotard and Biker Shorts (We have leotards for sale at the gym or at our online proshop in kids sizes down to leotards for the preschoolers.)   They can also wear shorts and a t-shirt.
Boys - T-shirt and Shorts/Sweatpants        
No jewelry is permitted with the exception of post earrings. Hair must be pulled tightly away from the face. Bare feet are best!  No gum allowed.
Are parents allowed to watch?
We have a Parents’ Seating Area set up for parents to view classes.  For the safety of your children and for insurance reasons, anyone (including siblings) not participating in a class MUST remain in the Parents’ Seating Area.  Parents & siblings are not permitted on the gymnastics equipment/mats. (For our Parent Participation Programs, parents and/or guardians are permitted in the gymnastics area.  However, for these programs, siblings who are there to watch are not permitted in the gymnastics area.) We are not equipped to supervise children before class, after class or in the bathroom.  
What class should I sign my child up for?
Please sign your child up for the class that corresponds to his or her age as of right now.  Parents often want their children in an older or more advanced class than is appropriate.  It is best to keep children in a class where they can achieve success and be comfortable with the skills they are doing before moving on to the next class.  It is much better to move a child up if the class is too easy than to have to move them down.  Along with your child's motor skills, we also take into account their social skills.  Please have patience with the learning process.  It is always best to sign up for more than one class for increased retention of skills learned.

General Policies

  • It is your responsibility to update us of any address, contact phone number, email changes when they occur.
  • We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  • For your child’s safety and in consideration of others:
Children must be supervised at all times by a parent when not in class.
Children are not allowed on the gymnastics equipment/mats except for their designated class time.
Children are not allowed on the gymnastics equipment/mats without instructor supervision.
Parents are solely responsible for their children prior to and following scheduled class times.
Please do not drop your children off early and please pick them up promptly at the end of their class.
We do not offer supervision nor do we take responsibility for your child before or after scheduled class times.
Children are to remain in the building at all times.
Do not ask your child to wait for you outside the building or along the curb.
When dropping students off, it is your responsibility to make sure they are safely inside the building.
The use of inappropriate language by children or adults at the facility will not be tolerated.
  • We reserve the right to ask anyone not observing these policies to leave at any time.
  • We will make every effort to provide a consistent coach for your class on an ongoing basis; however we reserve the right to change instructors for any classes at any time.
  • It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes regarding your Auto Pay (new card issue, new address, etc.)
  • Additional Team Rules and Policies apply to students when they move to Pre Team and Team. Please review our Pre Team and Team Handbooks on our team page on our website.