Adult Gymnastics
(Ages 18+)
(for Beginner to Advanced)
Men & Women - 1 Hour Event


Are you a former gymnast looking to bring the excitement of gymnastics back into your life?
or maybe you've always wanted to try the sport,but never had the chance? if you answered YES to either of these questions, then Sky Gymnastics has the class for you!

For adults 18 &up, this event provides 60 minutes of open gym time to work on anything you want in our facility. Coaches will be on site during the events to answer questions,provide feedback and assistance,and encourage you to have fun reaching your goals!

Adult Gymnastics drop in sessions are $20 for the hour and are ONLY open to adults 18 and over. Online registration is preferred as space is limited.
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or, for registration assistance, please contact our office by phone at (607)739-7080, or by email at