Academic Session - Sept. 7, 2021-June 25, 2022
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Urban Gymnastics
(Ages 5&up)

Girls and Boys - 1 Hour Class
Monthly Tuition for 1x a week:  $79*     
Monthly Tuition for 2x a week:  $139*

Urban Gymnastics is a discipline that allows students to effectively navigate an environment in a creative manner no matter the obstacles. This is achieved through the use of core gymnastics and tumbling skills in combination with alternative Jumping – Climbing – Running – Strength and Balancing  techniques. Examples of Urban Gymnastics have been seen in movies such as 007: Casino Royale, Prince of Persia and the television show American Ninja Warrior. This new discipline celebrates the unique interaction between only the human body and objects within the Urban Gymnastics Environment.  Students will learn how to vault over objects, climb over objects swiftly, perform intermediate acrobatic skills,  improve strength and flexibility.

During the school year Urban Gymnastics participants will have an opportunity to show off their skills twice a year at our “Showcase of the Stars” which will be held in December and June!

*$35 annual registration fee also due upon registration